Workwear fabric

The fabric is specially made for the needs of the workers. It can effectively clean, prevent dirty, protect the body from mechanical trauma and harmful chemical drugs, thermal radiation burns, anti-bacteria, anti-mildew, chemical drug resistance, heat resistance, etc.

The composition for the work wear fabric we have are: 100% polyester, 100% nylon, Poly/Cotton, Nylon/Cotton, Poly+anti-static carbon yarn, Poly/Cotton/anti-static carbon yarn, Nomex/Kevlar/anti-static carbon yarn etc.

Anti-static fabric: using imported conductive fiber, chemical fiber as raw material to process with advanced technology, suitable for petroleum, chemical, electronics, coal mine and other conductive industries.

Oxford fabric: interwoven by polyester fiber and double-strand cotton, with clear lines, combination of dots and nets, high cotton content, comfortable dress and so on.

Cotton twill fabric: clear grain, clean and thick cloth, not fading, pilling resistance, stable size, anti-wear, anti-washing, moisture absorption, easy to produce static electricity, good skin affinity.

Full process plain weave fabric: quite wide wrinkle resistance, good drape, smooth cloth surface, moisture absorption, wear-resistant, strong color fastness, with excellent polyester cotton effect!