Company Culture

1. Our Vision is to create a win-win platform for society, employees and enterprises to become an outstanding global provider in the field of science and technology protection products.

2. Enterprise Mission is taking care of a happy life for all in our platform.

3. Core value:

Sincerity: Treat other people with honesty and keep promise.
Genuine passions: Passion at work and happy at life.
Innovation: Have the courage to break through and willing to learn.
Share: Willing to help others and active sharing
People-oriented: Respect our clients, respect our suppliers, and respect our staffs.

4.Action slogan: Grow, change, break through and grow up every day!

Grow: Do something you haven't done.
Change: Do what you don't want to do
Break through: Do what you're afraid to do.

5.Spirit of enterprise:  The empty is inclining, the middle is positive, and the full is overlying.

Logo shape of Shanghai Zhongyan Industry Co., Ltd. from the modeling of the Qiqi device. The Qiqi is the object of the temple hall in ancient China. It can be placed above the temple because it has a special feature. That is “Empty is inclining, the middle is positive and the full is overlying.” The vessel will tilt if the water is not injected, but the full water will also pour and let the water overflow. The container will be stable only when the water is moderate and no more than a little more.

Modern science and technology are changing with each passing day, and the competition between people or enterprises is even more urgent, and the pressure is inevitable. But in such a society, we must keep our mood stable, not preposterous, not greedy, grasp the right path, and act with integrity. This is the warning of our company and the compass of our company.