Outdoor fabric

In addition to the relationship between human body and clothing, it is also necessary to pay attention to the factors of climate and environment (inside, middle and outside). To satisfy the function and feeling of human skin, the fabric must fix the changes of climate and environment. The main function of outdoor wear is to insulate the harsh environment from direct contact with the human body, producing protective effects, such as windproof and waterproof. Etc.

Moisture permeable waterproof fabric design concept is to prevent the infiltration of large raindrops, fog and snow, and the sweat from the human body can be discharged smoothly, in addition to achieving superior waterproof performance, wearer will not produce a feeling of muggy heat.

The fabric made with coating and lamination to get waterproof and breathable properties. We have coating machines to make PU coating and A/C coating, and lamination machines to make fabric with TPU、PU、TPE and PTFE membrane lamination.

Hydrophilic permeable coating: it is the effect of hydrophilic group and water molecule in the coating agent to achieve the effect of waterproof and permeable. In the rain proof and waterproof, the sweat vapor is eliminated in time, so that the body keeps warm, comfortable and dry.

Micro porous permeable coating: it relies on the formation of a large number of micro pores, which are less than 10um can prevent water pressure from infiltration of small water beads (average diameter 100um of water droplets), but allow water vapor (average diameter 0.0004um) to pass freely, thus obtaining moisture permeability. Micro porous polyurethane coated fabrics are not expanded in water, more washable and ensured breathability at the same time. It provides higher moisture permeability.