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Basic Info

Model NO.: THR260
Function: Wash and Wear
Tarn Count: 16*10
Color: for Your Choose
Tear Strength: >400n
Color Fastness Dry Cleaning: 3-4
Color Fastness for Washing: 4
Weight: 330g
Use: Garment, Industry, Military, Suit, Ect.
Finish: Fr(50-100times Washing)
Sample: Available for You
Certificate: En11611
Transport Package: Poly Bag
Specification: 100% Cotton


Company Main Products

. Flame Retardant Fabric
. Acid-Alkali Resistant Fabric
. Anti-Static Fabric
. Oil and Water Repellent Fabric
. Anti-UV Fabric
. Anti-Bacteria & Anti-Odor Finishing Fabric
. Teflon Fabric
. Multifunctional Flame Retardant Fabric
. Flame Retardant Clothing and Workwear


Flame Retardant Fabric

Cotton flame retardant fabric is on the basis of cotton dyed fabric treated with flame retardant process.
It contains flame retardant cotton plain cloth, flame retardant cotton yarn card, flame retardant cotton satin drill and flame retardant cotton canvas.
There are three kinds of treatment methods. CP, PROBAN, PYROAVTEX.
Nowsays, CP and PROBAN are the most popular methods in the globe.


Flame Retardant Fabric Test

EN11611(EN470-1): The latest European standard welding standard, take the place of EN470 standard.
EN11612(EN531): Under the environment of high temperature, operation workers flame retardant protective clothing standard.
EN14116(EN533): Tooling protective clothing - related fabrics and composite - insulation, or - short spreading combustion performance testing.

FR Cotton Series

Cotton Flame Retardant Twil Fabric
Cotton Flame Retardant Sateen Fabric
Cotton Flame Retardant Plain Fabric
Cotton Flame Retardant Canvas Fabric
Cotton Flame Retardant Denim Fabric

Industry Use

Products are widely used in Petroleum and Chemical, Metallurgical, Coal, Forestry, Traffic, Civil, Defense and other industries.


Due to the Permanent flame retardancy, Cotton flame retardant fabric have broadly application prospect.
It is understood that the scope of application of cotton flame retardant fabric is very wide, in addition to industrial textiles, building decoration, interior decoration and other traffic tools play an irreplaceable role in the field of protective clothing, also played a role of flame retardant protective clothing,flame retardant fabric clothes have excellent washing performance, non-toxic to human body. Safe and reliable, breathable, soft, comfortable to wear.