Sportswear fabric

As far as consumers are concerned, the function of leisure clothing and sportswear is different from that of professional sportsmen. It emphasizes easy maintenance and waterproof, windproof comfort, in order to provide an increasing functional demand. Weavers and chemical auxiliaries are constantly developing new fibers and finishing products. Polyester and superfine fiber are developing rapidly, and high density and waterproof fabrics are widely used in leisure wear.

Quick dry fabric: The human body operates at 37 ℃ in normal environment. During exercise, the body temperature rises and the body temperature returns to normal by sweating. Moisture produced by perspiration must be absorbed by fabric penetration and discharged into the body. If the body heat cannot be discharged and the moisture bumps back and forth between the human body and clothes, it will create an uncomfortable feeling. The function of the human body in sweating is a normal behavioral reaction, so the comfort or not has a greater relationship with the fabric.

This is the consumer's demand for moisture and sweating. Most fibers, dry, can quickly drain moisture from the skin to the fabric's surface. But the biggest problem is sweat. Compared with man-made fibers, natural fibers have better hygroscopicity, but the feeling of damp and cold viscosity is very uncomfortable, because moisture and sweat which cannot be excluded through the fibers. Therefore, the comfortable fabric which we make is cross section quick dry yarn which meet the following requirements:
1. Like the skin, can adjust the temperature and humidity, maintain comfortable feeling.
2. Good moisture absorption and permeability.
3. No odor, no irritation.
4. Good extensibility does not affect the stretching of the body.
5. The weight is light.
6. Durable waterproof, anti-fouling function.