100% polyester pongee coated waterproof outdoor jacket fabric

100% Polyester Pongee Coated Waterproof Outdoor Down Jacket Fabric

Basic Info

Density: 223*121
Fabric / Yarn Technique: Piece Dyed
Dyeing Method: Disperse
Aftertreatment: Double-Layer
Transport Package: Roll Packing
Specification: 50D*50D


Is this quality NEW development or mill ran bulk before?
Any avail in-house or 3rd party report ? If YES, pls provide for ref
Is there potential call out for quality or color? If yes, pls list out & state detail
Any specific recommendation or instruction for CUTTING/HANDLING this fabric? If yes, please specify.

Company Information

Our company has realized the current competition and changing of the textile industry.So we adjusted our product range,management,operation Principle and market to meet the new opportunities and challenges,also to meet our customer’s requirement and give better service to them.By this way,we can creat more value for our company’s staff as well.

Our future plan is to build a complete sales network,online and offline.Also to build a entire textile related industry chain,to have the capacity to produce and sell the fabric,garment both to achieve”made by us,digested by us”.We are on the way to creat our own brand.

Why choose us

1. we are the pointed manufacturer for fabrics and linings of national police uniform, tax collector uniform, raliway uniform, procuratorate uniform, court uniform, and judicial uniform, the only manufacturer for State Forestry Bureau uniform fabrics, and the pointed manufacturer for garment fabrics of China Unicom and China Mobile.

2. Low cost: We have our own manufacturing factory for weaving greige, so we can always keep the price competitive and reasonable.

3. Richer Experience: We have experience engaged in the production of uniform fabrics, including police raincoat fabrics, multi-functional clothing fabrics, shirt fabrics cold protective clothing fabrics, polyester-cotton fabrics, polyester fabrics, silklike fabrics, windbreaker series, yarn and luggage and tent series .

4. Higher Quality: we take full advantage of modernized management method, maintain and complete the effective operation of the ISO9001 quality system and ISO 14001 environmental system

5. Best Service: Customer's satisfaction is always our priority concern, we are keen to solve any problem arisen.