100% nylon pu downproof fabric jacket/bag/umbrella

Basic Info

Model NO.: NYL075
Function: Tear-Resistant, Waterproof, Flame Retardant, Shrink-Resistant
Knitting Technics: Woven
Physical Feature: High Strength
Fiber Cross Section: Hollow Filament
Density: 300t
Yarn Count: 40d*40d
Export Market: Global
Color: Customized
Feature: Flame Retardant, Shrink-Resistant, Tear-Resistant
Transport Package: Roll Packing or Customized
Specification: SGS



Composition 100% nylon
Yarn count40D*40D
Applicationjacket/coat/down jacket
ColorAccording to your  requirement
Export MarketGlobal
PaymentT/T or L/C
Supply typeMake-to-order
PackingRoll packing with poly bags , and 3 rolls are in a nylon woven bag.(or customized)



1.Application of 100% Nylon PU Downproof Fabric for Down Jacket/Bag/Umbrella
2.Features of 50d 100%Nylon Waterproof Nylon Fabric
Strength:Nylon has good tenacity and the strength is not lost with age.Nylon has a high strength to weight ratio. It is one of the lightest textile fibres is at the same time also one of the strongest. It is one of the fibres which are added at the points of wear such as knees and seats of jeans and toes and heels of socks. The strength of the nylon fabric is lost when wet.Nylon has excellent abrasion resistance.

Elasticity: Nylonhas good elasticity which makes it much suitable for the apparel purposes. The excellent elasticity would mean that the nylon materials return to their original length and shreds the wrinkles or creases.Nylon like other fibres has its own limit of elasticity. If stretched too much, it will not completely recover its shape. The high elongation and excellent elastic recovery of nylon contributes to the outstanding performance in hosiery.Nylon hosiery recovers to its original shape at knees and ankles instead of bagging.

Resilience: Nylon fabrics have excellent resilience.Nylon fabrics retain their smooth appearance and the wrinkles from the usual daily activities can be removed easily.

Drapability: Fabrics of nylon filament yarn have excellent draping qualities. The drape of the fabrics made from nylon can be varied depending on the yarn size. The light weight sheer fabrics of nylon night gowns have high-draping quality. The medium-weight dress fabrics can drape very nicely.

Heat Conductivity:The heat conductivity of the nylon fabrics vary depending upon the fabric construction, the type of nylon (staple/filament) used in the construction etc. For instance, the filament nylon used in the open construction would be cooler when compared to the same filament used in a closed construction. In a closed or tight construction the air circulation through the fabric is limited. The heat and moisture of the body will not readily pass the fabric construction, which makes the wearer feel very warm. Such fabrics are good for winter apparel, such as wind-breakers, but are not suitable for summer garments. On the other hand the fabrics with open construction permits the air circulation which makes the wearer feel cool.

Absorbency:Nylon fabrics have low absorbency. The low absorbency of the fabrics tends to be advantageous and also disadvantageous. The main advantage of the nylons low absorbency is that the water remains on the surface of the fabrics and runs off the smooth fabric and hence dries quickly. This property makes the nylon fabrics suitable for raincoats and shower curtains.Nylon's low absorbency has a disadvantage in that the fabric feels clammy and uncomfortable in warm, humid weather.

Cleanliness and Washability:Nylonfabrics are easy care garments.Nylon fabrics are smooth, non-absorbent and dry quickly. Dirt doesn't cling to this smooth fibre, which can be washed easily or can be even cleaned by using a damp cloth.Nylon whites are commonly referred as colour scavengers and should be washed separately to avoid greying. They easily pick up colour and dirt from the wash water. Nylons, washed with other fabrics pick up colour (even from the palest pastels) and develop a dingy grey appearance that is extremely difficult to remove. In addition to retaining their appearance during wear, garments made from nylon fabrics retain their appearance and shape after washing. Hot water should be avoided during washing as the hot water may cause wrinkling in some fabric constructions.
3.Packing of 50d 100%Nylon Waterproof Nylon Fabric: Roll packing with poly bags , and 3 rolls are in a nylon woven bag. (Double Safeguard)



1.How to place an order?
Once you find us, you can place an order on Made-in-China or signed contrat with us.
30% deposit are chargered before customized fabric are manufactured

2. What about payment terms?
T/T, L/C, Western Union, Escrow , Paypal and some other payment terms are accepted.

3.What about shipping date?
Shipping date would be in 15 days after contrat comfirmed, except customized fabric.

4. About Warranty
Quality warranty for 30days after shipment.

5.Is sample free?
Yes, we offer free sample , but the freight would be charged.